Computer and Wireless Network use policy



The Internet enables the Aurora Public Library to provide information far beyond its regular collection.  The Internet offers a vast array of useful tools and resources and much material that is professionally and culturally stimulating; however, its content is constantly changing, making it impossible to predict what information may be available.  It is furthermore an unregulated medium with no guarantee of accuracy, completeness, currency, or truthfulness.  Individual web sites may contain offensive or even illegal information.  Users are cautioned to be aware of Internet limitations and to examine the validity of information presented.


1.      A signed Internet Use Agreement must be on file at the Aurora Public Library for each user.  A parent or guardian must also sign agreements for students under the age of 12.

2.      Computers may be used for one time block of up to ½ hour per day.  After the 1st block, the user may sign up for a second ½ hour block of time.  If nobody else is waiting, the 2nd block may be taken back-to-back with the first block at library staff discretion.  If others are waiting, the user’s name will go to the bottom of the waiting list.  Users must sign up at the desk before logging on to the computer.  The library will not accept advance reservations.

3.      Printouts are $.25/page for black and white copies; colored printouts are $1.00/page.  Printing is not available via the library’s wireless connection. (Exception: up to 5 black & white pages free/day for resume/job application/schoolwork)

4.      Library staff are available for initial help only, not for conducting searches or typing for patrons.

5.      No more than 2 people may be at a computer without staff approval.  Shared time is considered the daily time block for each user at a computer.

6.      Library staff reserve the right to notify patrons if volume is disruptive to the library experience of other patrons.

7.      Hard drives of library computers are locked down.  Users wishing to save documents must provide their own flash drive or disc.

8.      Users may not install or download any software.  Users may not plug personal PC’s into the library network.

9.      Users may not engage in any Internet activity that is deliberately and maliciously offensive, libelous, slanderous or illegal.  This includes, but is not limited to, spamming and invasion of privacy, intellectual property right violations, obscene or indecent speech or materials, defamatory or abusive language, forging of headers, hacking, distribution of internet viruses/Trojan horses/other destructive activities, facilitating a violation of this agreement of use, export control violations, fraudulent activity, pirating software, Peer-to-peer (P2P) and BitTorrent file sharing, and resale of this service.  Users are responsible for adhering to copyright law.

10.  The Digital Millenium Copyright Act provides recourse to copyright owners who believe that material posted on Internet sites infringes their rights under US copyright law.  If your believe that your copyright has been infringed using the library’s hardwired internet service, you can contact the Arrowhead Library System, Aurora Public Library’s designated agent, by emailing and copying to  If you believe your copyright has been infringed using the library wireless internet, you can contact the Aurora Public Library’s service provider by going to, clicking on the “Contact Us” link, and providing the information regarding the infringement. 

11.  Caution should be used when using the Internet; never give out personal or family information such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, or ID numbers.  Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with strangers and never respond to abusive or suggestive messages.  Report all such occurrences to library staff immediately.

12.  The library’s wireless network is unfiltered and secured.  Wireless users should use particular caution when transmitting information or visiting unknown web sites over this network.

13.  Internet service and wireless service are available on an “as is” and “as available” basis.  The library does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free internet or wireless connections.  The Aurora Public Library is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of or unavailability of the library’s computers or network. 

Revised by the Aurora Public Library Board:   May 19, 2010, Reaffirmed by the Aurora Public Library Board: May 18, 2011,
Revised by the Aurora Public Library Board:  May 16, 2012, Reaffirmed by the Aurora Public Library Board: April 11, 2013
Modified 1/1/14 to reflect changes in fines/fees policy; revised by the Aurora Public Library Board 5/27/14.
Reaffirmed by the Aurora Public Library Board:  May 26, 2015 and May 31, 2016.

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