Reading Takes You Everywhere: Teen passports suggested reading list


Perfectly Ridiculous / by Kristin Billerbeck
Argentina / by Theodore Link (nonfiction)


Australia / by Sean McCollum (nonfiction)
Australia / by Robert Darlington (nonfiction)
Australia / by Sharon Gordon (nonfiction)
Shark Attack! / by Cathy Dubowski (nonfiction)


Face to Face With Dolphins / by Flip Nicklin (nonfiction)


stories from Bolivia from "Golden Tales" by Lulu Delacre


The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency / by Alexander McCall Smith


Journey to the River Sea / by Eva Ibbotson
Brazil / by Christopher Richard (nonfiction)
Brazil / by Anna Lewington


Hatchet / by Gary Paulsen
The Broken Blade / by William Durbin
Canada / by Lois Sakany (nonfiction)
A Pioneer Sampler / by Barbara Greenwood (nonfiction)


Peak / by Roland Smith
Daughter of Xanadu / by Dori Jones Yang
China / by Amy Shui


90 Miles to Havana / by Enrique Flores
Cuba / by Sean Sheehan


Denmark / by R. Conrad Stein (nonfiction)
Denmark / by Robert Pateman (nonfiction)
Darkness Over Denmark / by Ellen Levine (nonfiction)
Courage and Defiance / by Deborah Hopkinson (nonfiction)


Hidden Girl--Shyima Hall (nonfiction)
Ancient Egypt: An Interactive History Adventure / by Heather Adamson (choose your own adventure book)
Egyptology / by Dugald Steer (nonfiction)
Egypt / by Jane Shuter (nonfiction)
The Children of Egypt / by Matti Pitkanen (nonfiction)


Catherine, Called Birdy / by Karen Kushman
Westminster Abby / by Micol Ostow
My Family For the War / by Anne Voorhoeve
Robin Hood / by Neil Philip (graphic novel)


Marie, Dancing / by Caroline Meyer
Code Name Verity / by Elizabeth Wein
Hidden on the Mountain / by Deborah DeSaix (nonfiction) 

France / by Paul Mason (nonfiction)
Painters of the Caves / by Patricia Lauber (nonfiction)


The Boy Who Dared / by Susan Bartoletti (nonfiction)
Hitler Youth / by Susan Bartoletti (nonfiction)

The Berlin Wall: An Interactive Modern History Adventure / by matt Doeden (Choose Your Own Adventure book)
Germany / by Greg Nickles (nonfiction)
The Usborne First Thousand Words in German / by Heather Amery (nonfiction)


Ancient Greece: An Interactive History Adventure / by William Caper (Choose Your Own Adventure book)
If I Were a Kid in Ancient Greece / by Lou Waryncia (nonfiction)
How Would You Survive As An Ancient Greek? / by Fiona Macdonald (nonfiction)
Greece / by Maura McGinnis


Hero on a Bicycle / by Shirley Hughes

Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Rome / by Joan Barghusen (nonfiction)
The Romans / by Sally Hewitt (nonfiction)
Italy / by Picot Cassidy (nonfiction)


Mexico / by Allan Cobb (nonfiction)
Disappeared / by Francisco Stork


Wilder's Ghost / by Diane Bradley
The Journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish Immigrant / by William Durbin
Song of Sampo Lake / by William Durbin
The Minnesota Vikings / by Bob Italia 

The Story of the Minnesota Twins / by Nate LeBoutillier (nonfiction)
Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes / by Tika Downey (nonfiction)
Minnesota / by Marlene Brill
Uniquely Minnesota / by Stephanie Ash

Outer Space

International Space Station: An Interactive Space Exploration Adventure / by Allison Lassieur (choose your own adventure book)
Astronaut: Living in Space / by Kate Hayden (nonfiction picture book)
Exploring the International Space Station / by Laura Waxman (nonfiction)
Galaxies and Stars / by Ian Graham (nonfiction)
Mission to Mars / by Eve Hartman
Exploring Constellations / by Sara Latta


Vasco de Gama / by Patricia Calvert (nonfiction)
Portugal / by Jay Heale (nonfiction)


Catherine / by Kristiana Gregory 
The Darkest Evening / by William Durbin
Risked / by Margaret Haddix 

Between Shades of Gray--Ruta Sepetys
Russia / by Oleg Torchinksy (nonfiction)
Sovietrek / by Dan Buettner (nonfiction)


My Kiasu Teenage Life in Singapore / by Ee Lin Lee (not owned by APL)


Spain / by Elizabeth Kohen (nonfiction)


Thailand / by Dana Rau (nonfiction)
Anna and the King of Siam / Margaret Landon (nonfiction)
 To Another World

Hunger Games series / by Suzanne collins
the Hollow Kingdom trilogy / by Clare Dunkle
the Safekeepers trilogy / by Sharon Shinn
the Rangers Apprentice series / by John Flanagan
the Finishing School series / by Gail Carriger

To the Past

Harvey Girl / by Sheila Foard
Hattie Big Sky / by Kirby Larson
The Witch of Blackbird Pond / by Elizabeth George Speare
Diary of a Young Girl / by Anne Frank (nonfiction)
various nonfiction history titles and biographies of people from the past (nonfiction)

Under the Sea

Oceanology / by Dugald Steer (nonfiction)
Oceans / by Leon Gray (nonfiction)
DK Guide to the Ocean / by Frances Dipper (nonfiction)
Survivor’s Science in the Ocean / by Peter Riley (nonfiction)

Death Coming Up the Hill / by Chris Crowe



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