Friday, May 12, 2017

Read by Design: Children's and Teens' Summer Reading Programs

Reading By Design
Summer Reading Programs for children and teens
June 1—July 19

The children's summer reading program has reached its conclusion, and winners of drawing will be announced soon (along with the final tally of pages read and programs attended.) 

Drawing winners were:

Classic legos:  Cole
Travel Spirograph set: Mae
Stuffed elephant:  Henrik
American Girl knitters:  Delia
Lego Chain Reaction kit:  Alexander
Lego Duplex Rocket:  Jude 
The “Reading by Design” teen summer reading program has reached its conclusion, and teen drawing winners will also be announced soon! This summer, teen readers have completed 132 challenges. They have read for hours, listened to audio books, attended library events. They have volunteered in their community, volunteered at the library, written letters to family members, read numerous books, written poetry, read books that became movies, and more. Congratulations, summer readers! 

Teen drawing winners were:

Punch cards:  Bailey
Library events:  Carl 
The following poems were submitted by teen summer readers:
“Love” by Bailey
Sweet as a mother doe,
pretty as a red bow,
bright as the low
sunset, you are.
“Why” by Bailey
Why run when you can walk?
Why shout when you can talk?
Why fight when you can lock
your hate away?
“Nature” by Carl
The trees
The bees
The leaves
I like them all
but no wasps,
“Life” by Bailey
The hunter becomes the hunted
and the betrayer becomes the betrayed.
Well the giver becomes the given
and the lover becomes the loved.
“Liar Liar” by Bailey
Lies run by you
like flies flying by.
Lies fly by you
like dyes color hair.
Unnamed by Bailey
As delicate as a spring flower
as beautiful as the twilight hour
our families are.
Unnamed by Carl
The sky is a light shade of pink blues.
The trees are green and full of life.
Small flowers, yellow and white,
spread across the ground.
The moon clearly visible and shining bright.
Nature is truly beautiful.
Friend by Bailey
You are like fire,
you can put up a fight,
you have bright ideas for disaster,
but you are my light in the dark,
and my warmth in the cold.
Unnamed by Bailey
A bird flies on top of the tree
by our house. It’s small and
blue. The bird makes a
beautiful sound when it sings.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Have you seen the Arrowhead Library System's "Up North" coloring book?

The Arrowhead Library System's "Up North" coloring book is now available online!  You are welcome to download the book and print out pages to color.

Printed copies are also available at the library for a $3 donation.

Friday, January 13, 2017



presented by the International Wolf Center

July 27, 4:00 pm at the Aurora Public Library

Geared toward teens & adults

wolf biology/predator-prey dynamics — how people can coexist with wolves — history of wolf management  — Q & A session — and more

Tuesday, August 1, 3:30 pm 

at the Aurora Public Library


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Check It Out! Newly added titles at the Aurora Public Library

 A number of titles have recently been added to our collection--check them out!


What Should a Clever Moose Eat--John Pastor (nonfiction)
Surviving Vietnam--James Toscano (poetry)
The Sky Watched: Poems of Ojibwe Lives--Linda LeGarde Grover (poetry)
Glensheen--Tom Dierkins (nonfiction)
The Man Who Fell to Earth--S. Fabian Butalla (biography)
Legends of Kee Tov--H.A. Dale (short stories)


Make Your Bed--William H. McRaven
Evicted--Matthew Desmond
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry--Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Understanding Your Migraines--Morris Levin & Thomas N. Ward
Your Pregnancy and Childbirth (6th edition)
A Speck In the Sea--John Aldridge & Anthony Sosinski
Insight Guides: Finland
Killers of the Flower Moon--David Grann


Blackout--Marc Elsberg
Dangerous Minds--Janet Evanovich
The Silent Corner--Dean Koontz
Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma--Larry Millett
Murder Games--James Patterson/Howard Roughan
Indecent Exposure--Stuart Woods


A Dog's Purpose--W. Bruce Cameron
Their Finest--Lissa Evans
The Swallow's Nest--Emilie Richards
The Duchess--Danielle Steel


The Black Elfstone--Terry Brooks
Pawn--Timothy Zahn


Ming Tea Murder--Laura Childs
The Convenient Marriage--Georgette Heyer


America's National Parks
Barbie and Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure
A Dog's Purpose
Grace Stirs Up Success
A Man Called Ove
The Mighty Ducks
The Mighty Ducks: D2
The Mighty Ducks: D3
Moomin and Midsummer Madness
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
The Space Between Us


2017 Grammy Nominees
Now That's What I Call Music 62
WOW Hits 2017


Baxter is Missing--Rebecca Elliott
Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls--Beth McMullen


Bennie's Pennies--Pat Brisson
Will You Help Doug Find His Dog?--Jane Caston
Rolling Thunder--Kate Messner
Moo Moo in a Tutu--Tim Miller
A Perfect Day--Lane Smith
The Most Magnificent Thing--Ashley Spires
Frankie--Mary Sullivan
Raybot and Weebot--Adam F. Watkins


A Traffic Jam of Trucks
What Is Baby Gorilla Doing?--Christena Nippert-Eng et al.
Bear Counts--Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman


My First Coding Book--DK
Pop Sizzle Boom!--Amy Oyler
Robots--Chris Oxlade
See How Things Work--Conrad Mason
Wolf Pups Join the Pack-American Museum of Natural History